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Ears or Eyes

Are you a person who loves to experience life primarily from what you see OR what you hear? Your preference may give you important clues about how you learn best. Some people are visual learners. Others are auditory. You may like being hands-on. If you favor...

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Dr. King on Aging

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. despite dying as a young man, left sage advice about how to live well if you are fortunate enough to have a long life.

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Radio Interview

A major Chicago radio station hosts an interview with Eric Thurman about how to thrive in retirement.

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You could live to 100

In the past, very few people lived to age 100, but by the year 2050 population estimates expect America will have 800,000 centenarians.

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What do you expect as you age?

There are three dominant theories about what kind of person you are likely to become as you age. Will you shut down and fade away, stay active, or something in between? The average American today will live 30 years longer than if they were around a century ago. That's...

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