We are here for older adults and anyone who cares about older adults. This is a new day. Suddenly the population of people over 65 is surging. People are living far longer than in previous generations and with better quality of life.

In the past, the time between retirement and the grave was short. Now, most people are healthy and active for decades past their working years. This is fortunate, but also raises big questions.

How will I spend all this extra time?

What are my options?

What do I want?

What will make me happy?

Are hobbies and entertainment enough?

Our mission is to provide older adults with resources to plan their lives for maximum happiness.

This initiative came about after Eric Thurman left a long, distinguished career leading international service and ministry organizations. He receives counsel from a team of two dozen advisors. They come from a variety of professional backgrounds. They include Gerontologists, Psychologists and Counselors, Pastors, Journalists, and other thought leaders. 

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